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Ceramine Concentrating Balm

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Ceramine Concentrating Balm

Ceramine Concentrating Balm

Product description

Ceramine Concentrating Balm targets acne skin by its anti-microbial and anti-inflammation effect to reduce sebum production.

Brand: Ceramine

Origin: Made in Korea

Size: 30g


Target acne skin

Anti-microbial and anti-inflammation effect to reduce sebum production.

The role of each natural ingredient

【100% plant ceramide】

    100% plant ceramide is not made under chemical synthesis. 

Its structure is similar to the stratum corneum, allowing it to diffuse into deeper layers

        of skin fast, help repair skin barrier and promote the ideal oil and water balance naturally.

Plant ceramide and water in stratum corneum form a network structure to lock moisture

        in the skin. It is a vital component for stratum corneum replenishing which is important

        for hydration and repairment of skin by strengthening skin barrier and regenerating cell

        structure. It can prevent water loss and environmental damage.

Sensitive skin needs more plant ceramide for skin repairment. Research shows that

        plant ceramide can reduce skin redness and dehydration.

【Japanese chestnut shell extract (Castanea crenata) 】

It is an antioxidant mainly used in cosmetic products to neutralize free radicals to

        protect body from oxidative damage. 

Inhibit elastase activity by slowing down proteolysis (breakdown of protein) and

        maintain skin elasticity. Hence it is mainly used in anti-aging products.

【Betula alba (bich) juice】

Treat allergy by the inhibiting histamine 

Anti-aging effect by inhibiting elastase and metalloproteinase

Regulate skin homeostasis, soften skin texture, prevent dry cracked skin and lighten

        skin tone with other natural ingredients

【Royal jelly extract】

It is used as skin regulator, moisturizer and anti-oxidative agent in cosmetic products

Royal jelly extract contains over 20 types of amino acids to provide energy for cells,

        repair its biological activities and boost its growth.

Heals seborrheic dermatitis and acne

【Propolis extract】

Have the effects of preservation, microbial inhibition, anti-inflammation,

        skin protection and regeneration.

Can stop itchiness and treat body odour.

Essential components for protection of hair, skin, oral care and beauty products.

【Sunflower seed oil】

The base oil of cosmetic product to lubricate and moisturize skin.

Activate peroxisome proliferator-activiated receptor to promote wound healing

        and anti-inflammation effect

Promote breakdown of lipid cell to lose weight

Inhibit tyrosinase to whiten skin

【Cardiospermum halicacabum extract】

Rich in unsaturated fatty acids

Inhibit the biological activity of tyrosinase. It can whiten skin together with

        its anti-oxidative  characteristic

【Ribes Nigrum seed oil】

Rich in different types of lipids and glycerol to lubricate and moisturize skin

Can be used as natural scent. It smells like syringa pekinensis.

【Avocado tree】

・Shea nut fat is extracted from avocado. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acid which

        can increase skin moisture .

Moisturize dry skin such as damaged epidermis

Adjust the fluidity to reduce tackiness and improve the quality of user experience


Apply small amount of Ceramine Concentrating Balm on acne, redness and dark spot after

basic skin care routine.


100% phytoceramide, loquat leaf, birch sap, chestnut shell, Centella asiatica extract, polygonum cuspidatum root extract, scutellaria root extract, tea extract, licorice root extract