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Ceramine Derma Time Solution Cream

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Ceramine Derma Time Solution Cream

Ceramine Derma Time Solution Cream

Product description

Ceramine Derma Time Solution Cream repairs skin damage, aging, allergy and redness, and restore the glow.

Brand: Ceramine

Origin: Made in Korea

Size: 50ml


・Repairs skin damage, aging, allergy and redness, and restore the glow

・Strengthen the skin barrier

・Repair DNA damage by anti-oxidation effect

・Ceramine Derma Time Solution Cream can be used after laser to help skin replenishment and                      promote collagen production

・Skin replenishment and promote collagen production

The role of each natural ingredient

【100% plant ceramide】

・100% plant ceramide is not made under chemical synthesis. 

・Its structure is similar to the stratum corneum, allowing it to diffuse into deeper layers of skin fast,                help repair skin barrier and promote the ideal oil and water balance naturally.

・Plant ceramide and water in stratum corneum form a network structure to lock moisture in the skin.            It is a vital component for stratum corneum replenishing which is important for hydration and                      repairment of skin by strengthening skin barrier and regenerating cell structure.

        It can prevent water loss and environmental damage.

・Sensitive skin needs more plant ceramide for skin repairment. Research shows that plant ceramide              can reduce skin redness and dehydration.

【Japanese chestnut shell extract (Castanea crenata) 】

・It is an antioxidant mainly used in cosmetic products to neutralize free radicals to protect body

        from oxidative damage. 

・Inhibit elastase activity by slowing down proteolysis (breakdown of protein) and maintain skin                        elasticity. Hence it is mainly used in anti-aging products.

【Loquat leaf extract】

・Inhibits collagenolytic protease, elastase and metalloproteinase, and neutralizes free radicals of                    oxygen. Due to its anti-aging effect, it is used in many beauty products.

・Inhibits phosphodiesterase to accumulate the hydrolysis of lipid. Hence,

        it is used in weight loss products.

・Inhibits urate oxidase and methionine adenosyltransferase. Urate oxidase is used for breakdown

        of uric acid into ammonia, while methionine adenosyltransferase is used for breakdown of                            methionine into hydrogen sulfide. Both of them are the main cause of body odor. Therefore,

        loquat leaf extract is commonly used in sweat-blocking and oral care products to reduce odor.

・Inhibit hyaluronidase as an ideal additive protecting the skin from dryness.

・Loquat leaf extract can promote ceramide production to improve the synthesis and

        balance of epidermal surface lipids for reducing oil and soothing the skin.

【Betula alba (bich) juice】

・Treat allergy by the inhibition of histamine release 

・Anti-aging effect by inhibiting elastase and metalloproteinase

・Regulate skin homeostasis, soften skin texture, prevent dry cracked skin and

        lighten skin tone together with other natural ingredients

【Helichrysum italicum flower water】

・As a triterpene complex, Helichrysum italicum flower water can be separated into 27 types

       of anti-inflammatory effect to cure inflammation and inhibit allergic reaction.

・Strengthen capillaries by inhibition of its permeability and anti-inflammation.

・Neutralize free radicals by anti-oxidation to prevent premature aging.

・Inhibit melanin production to brighten skin and fade dark spot.

【Italian beeswax】

・It is a building material of beewax, commonly used in beauty and medical purpose.

        It is used as a lubricator and emulsifier in cosmetic products.

・It can moisturize and soften skin tissue to increase the long-lasting effect of the product.

        It is a safe ingredient, commonly used in emulsion, cream, lipstick and eyeshadow.

【Willow orchid (Epilobium Angustifolium) 】

・The extract of flower, leaf and stem can inhibit tyrosinase production. With its broad spectrum of anti-oxidation, it can whiten skin and prevent premature aging.

・Anti-inflammation effect

【Dioscorea Japonica root extract 】

・Maintain skin elasticity, tighten skin and keep hydrated.

【Chamomilla Recuttita (Matricaria) flower extract/ Chrysanthemum extract 】

・Contains essential oil, flavonoids, amino acids, ortho acid and micronutrients.

・The biological activity of antibiotic, anti-oxidaton, anti-inflammation and allergy

        relief make it an ideal ingredient in cosmetic products. It can prevent allergic reaction,

        hydrate skin, stop and prevent pimple and acne, and reduce premature skin aging.


Apply small amount of Ceramine Derma Time Solution Cream on skin after serum or emulsion.

Suitable for

Oily, dry and combination skin.


100% phytoceramide, loquat leaf extract, birch sap, Japanese chestnut shell extract, kawagu seed extract, white pond flower seed oil, bergamot fruit oil, medicinal sage oil