Q & A


Does your Ellecime Placentist Oral Placental Gel contain estrogen and hormones?

Our placentist placenta gel has been tested and certified by the Hong Kong government approved testing institute STC. The product does not contain estrogen, hormones and heavy metals, so users can rest assured to eat it safely. The test report can be found in the photo on the product page.


Does your placentist jelly contain sugar?

Each small packet of placentist jelly contains one milligram of sugar (a 200g apple of normal size has approximately 24.4 grams of sugar, so a small packet of placentist gel is equivalent to 1/24 of the sugar of an apple.)


Does placentist Jelly makes you gain weight ? Can it be consumed if on diet plans?

Each packet of placentist jelly only contains 5.8 calories. A normal-sized apple has about 200 grams and has about 104 calories. A small packet of placental jelly is only equivalent to the calories of 1/18 apples ,the calories are quite low, therefore It is impossible to gain weight. For an adult female of a normal body shape needs about 1,600 to 1,800 calories per day.

Is Ceramine product suitable for people with sensitive skin?

This product has been tested for skin irritation and is certified safe for people with sensitive skin. The degree of sensitivity can vary for individuals. If your skin is extremely sensitive, kindly refer to the full ingredients list and check with your dermatologist before placing an order.


Is Ceramine product safe for pregnant & breastfeeding ladies?

Yes. However, since it is a sensitive period, we strongly advise you to check with your gynaecologist to be extra careful.


Why does the Ceramine BB Cushion have single color?

This product will magically and naturally adjust your skin color over time. Don’t worry about the color that is not suitable for your skin. Single color is Ceramine’s new technology and will also become a trend. Natural light and thin nude makeup concealer will be more Well, it also avoids consumers worrying about choosing the wrong color number.


Most BB cushions are very moisturizing when used, but will be very dry after removing makeup. What about this product?

This product contains Ceramine’s patented raw material for skin regeneration, which not only has higher moisturizing ingredients than ordinary products, but also has skin care effects. After removing makeup, the skin is still moist.


Can pregnant women use it?

It can be used by pregnant women. This product has no chemical ingredients and is absolutely safe.


Can Transforming Clay Pack be used for dry skin?

This product is gentle and non-irritating, can deeply clean the pores, and has the effect of brightening the skin tone. It can definitely be used on dry skin.


What kind of collagen is contained in Collagen mask?

Two types of Hydrolyzed collagen and one type of collagen extracted from beans are composed of three plant collagens.


Can the Collagen mask be used by pregnant women?

Yes, this product is a collagen mask composed of low-molecular plant ingredients, all ingredients are safe.


Ceramine Pure Collagen Mask will leave some residues on the face after removing the mask? How to deal with this?

This is to make the net-like lifting thread more perfectly fit the vegetable starch coating residue of the skin, wipe it with clean water, and gently wipe off with Ceramine mist.