Terms & Conditions

First Beaute Online Order Terms

Customers accepting the online ordering service provided by First Beaute must agree and accept the following ordering terms in order to enjoy the online ordering and delivery services. The relevant terms apply to Hong Kong and other regions.

Order online:

  • The amount of each purchase (excluding shipping charges) for online orders ranges from a minimum of HK$100 to a maximum of HK$50000.
  • Since the order form is processed by computer, it cannot be cancelled or changed midway after the order, so please be aware. First Beaute is not responsible for order issues arising from the computer system.
  • After ordering, even if additional purchases of similar or other products are made on the same day, First Beaute may regard it as another order and charge related postage and handling fees, so please make the correct purchase.
  • Customers order online, but regardless of any transaction, even if the computer system shows that the transaction has been completed, First Beaute has the right to cancel the transaction after notifying the customer. First Beaute reserves the final right to accept the order.
  • When customers fill out the order form, please confirm that the name, email address, phone number, and delivery address are correct to ensure that the goods arrive at the designated location quickly. If there is any loss caused by the wrong information provided by the customer, First Beaute shall not be responsible or compensate.
  • If the customer fails to pay and notify First Beaute within ten days, the transaction will be automatically cancelled.
  • The products sold are all taken in kind. Due to the influence of the environment, light, printing and picture combination during shooting, the actual goods may be slightly different from the actual products, please beware of that.
  • If you find that the quality of the sold product is defective after opening, please bring back the opened product and the original packaging together with the relevant delivery note and receipt to our company and notify us within 7 working days after the arrival of the goods. For damage cause by other reasons, we will deal with the problem for the customer as soon as possible. If more than 7 days after the arrival of the goods, the customer will treat it as the transaction is completed, and First Beaute’s responsibility has been completed.
  • If the product is sold and found to have quality problems after opening, the customer can bring back the opened product and the original packaging together with the relevant delivery note and receipt to our company, and we will deal with the problem immediately.
  • Most of the goods sold are imported with original packaging. First Beaute should do its best to ensure sufficient supply of goods. Occasionally, some goods may be out of stock due to delays in the import period. We do apologize . If there is occasional out of stock, First Beaute will separately Inform the customer that the refund due to the shortage of stock will be returned within one month; sorry for the inconvenience.

Payment Method:

AE credit card, UnionPay credit card, Mastercard credit card, Visa credit card

PayMe, FPS, Alipay (currency in yuen version)

All transaction amounts must be settled in Hong Kong dollars except Alipay.

First Beaute will process your order within 3 working days after confirming receipt of the payment.

Delivery by SF Express:

For the delivery service of orders, our company only uses SF Express for the moment, hopefully we will include more shipping options in the near future. Your rights in the delivery of goods are governed by the relevant company’s terms and conditions, and you can request to read these terms and conditions. If you choose our company’s services, you agree to our company’s entrust SF Express to handle all shipping matters for you. The company will not be held responsible for any actions or misconduct of related companies.

All goods will be shipped by SF Express. Customers can refer to the relevant shipping table to check the shipping cost.

(The information below is for reference only. The final delivery fee is determined by SF Express.)

Weight (kg) 0.5kg – 1kg Price (HKD) $22

Weight (kg) 1.5 – 3kg Price (HKD) $28

Weight (kg) 3.5 – 5kg Price (HKD) $34

5kg follow-up weight (per 0.5kg) price (HKD) $3

  • The price does not include remote area surcharges, residential surcharges, special warehousing service fees and other special handling fees; if express mail is delivered to the above areas, customers must pay additional surcharges.
  • SF Express reserves the right to modify this price list, terminate the service and modify relevant terms at any time without prior notice.
  • If you have any enquiries, please call the customer service hotline (852) 2730 0273 (SF Express) or visit the website www.sf-express.com.

Special arrangements during the new coronavirus period: The actual delivery time depends on the actual situation. If delivery is delayed due to special circumstances, no notice will be given. If the customer has any questions about the order, please email to [email protected]

Terms of use updated: June 2020