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Ceramine Derma Dual-Balance Solution Toner

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Ceramine Derma Dual-Balance Solution Toner

Ceramine Derma Dual-Balance Solution Toner

Product description

Ceramine Derma Dual-Balance Solution is a weak acidic toner to maintain the balance of pH value.

It can hydrate skin without making it sticky and greasy.


Brand: Ceramine

Origin: Made in Korea

Size: 115ml



Regular tap water in daily life is slightly alkaline. However, normal skin’s pH is naturally around 5. Therefore, Ceramine Derma Dual-Balance Solution Toner can be used to maintain the balance of pH value after washing face by being slightly acidic.


Toner usually contains ethanol to achieve a light texture while Ceramine Derma Dual-Balance Solution Toner does not contain any ethanol. It has high humectant content without a tacky texture.



· Maintain the balance of pH value

· Improve skin texture

· Regulate sebum production and maintain the ideal oil and water balance


The role of each natural ingredient

100% plant ceramide

· 100% plant ceramide is not made under chemical synthesis.

· Its structure is similar to the stratum corneum, allowing it to diffuse into deeper layers of skin fast,

  help repair skin barrier and promote the ideal oil and water balance naturally.

· Plant ceramide and water in stratum corneum form a network structure to lock moisture in the skin.

   It is a vital component for stratum corneum replenishing which is important for hydration and

   repairment of skin by strengthening skin barrier and regenerating cell structure. It can prevent water

   loss and environmental damage.

· Sensitive skin needs more plant ceramide for skin repairment. Research shows that plant ceramide

   can reduce skin redness and dehydration.


Japanese chestnut shell extract (Castanea crenata) 

·   It is an antioxidant mainly used in cosmetic products to neutralize free radicals to protect body from oxidative damage.

·   Inhibit elastase activity by slowing down proteolysis (breakdown of protein) and maintain skin elasticity. Hence it is mainly used in anti-aging products.


Loquat leaf extract

·   Inhibit collagenolytic protease, elastase and metalloproteinase, and neutralize free radicals of oxygen. Due to its anti-aging effect, it is used in many beauty products.

·   Inhibit phosphodiesterase to accumulate the hydrolysis of lipid. Hence, it is used in weight loss products.

·   Inhibit urate oxidase and methionine adenosyltransferase. Urate oxidase is used for breakdown of uric acid into ammonia, while methionine adenosyltransferase is used for breakdown of methionine into hydrogen sulfide. Both of them are the main cause of body odor. Therefore, loquat leaf extract is commonly used in sweat-blocking and oral care products to reduce odor.

·   Inhibit hyaluronidase as an ideal additive protecting the skin from dryness.

·   Promote ceramide production to improve the synthesis and balance of epidermal surface lipids for reducing sebum production and soothing the skin.


Betula alba (bich) juice

·   Treat allergy by the inhibition of histamine release

·   Anti-aging effect by inhibiting elastase and metalloproteinase

·   Regulate skin homeostasis, soften skin texture, prevent dry cracked skin and lighten skin tone together with other natural ingredients


Sodium hyaluronate

·   Sodium hyaluronate is an acid mucopolysaccharides which lives in the corneal skin naturally to regulate skin antimicrobial barrier. Its water absorbance capacity is 1,000 times greater than its weight. By maintaining skin moisture, it can stop water loss from the epidermal layer.

·   Sodium hyaluronate can improve skin metabolism, repair skin damage, lighten skin, restore skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, prevent premature skin aging and hydrate skin. It can further promote the absorption rate together with other essential nutrients.


Helichrysum italicum flower water

·   As a triterpene complex, Helichrysum italicum flower water can be separated into 27 types of anti-inflammatory effect to cure inflammation and inhibit allergic reaction.

·   Strengthen capillaries by inhibition of its permeability and anti-inflammation.

·   Neutralize free radicals by anti-oxidation to prevent premature aging.

·   Inhibit melanin production to brighten skin and fade dark spot.


Salvia Officinalis oil

·   Strong fragrance. Hence it can be used as spice, flavoring constituent and medicine for its calming effect.

·   Can inhibit gram-positive and negative bacteria. Hence it is commonly used in oral care products for treating gingivitis and stomatitis.

·   Activate luciferase for inflammatory effect

·   Inhibit phosphodiesterase to reduce sebum production

·   Promote the breakdown of sebum and reduce the size of fat cells. It can be used in skin tightening and weight loss product

·   Research has shown that applying Salvia Officinalis oil can reduce subcutaneous layer and protect from sun exposure.


Dioscorea Japonica root extract

·   Maintain skin elasticity, tighten skin and keep hydrated.


Plum (Prunus Mume) 

·   Can remove superoxide and protect from radiation to promote collagen production and prevent premature aging.

·   Inhibit bacteria such as Corynebacterium xerosis. It is a bacterium living in human mitochondrion which releases androstenone and causes body odour. Hence, plum can treat body odour.

·   Inflammatory effect



Apply small amount of Ceramine Derma Dual-Balance Solution Toner. Gently pat and tap onto your face to help absorption.


Suitable for

Oily, dry and combination skin



100% plant-based ceramide, loquat leaf, birch sap, Japanese chestnut shell extract, barley, sodium hyaluronate, cornflower, sage, yam root, plum fruit