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Ceramine Essence BB Cushion

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Ceramine Essence BB Cushion

Ceramine Essence BB Cushion

Product description

Ceramine Essence BB cushion is a combination of full coverage concealer and face moisturizer, providing skin recovery and replenishment, even with a busy schedule.


Brand: Ceramine

Origin: Made in Korea



· As a full coverage concealer for acne scars and dark circles to achieve a natural luminous glow.

· Contains skin-replenishing ingredients to help soothe sensitive skin.

· A one shade fits all color-changing foundation, suitable for all types of Asian skin tone.

· Lock in moisture and keep your skin hydrated throughout the day to prevent make-up from looking cakey.


The role of each natural ingredient

Japanese chestnut shell extract (Castanea crenata) 

· An antioxidant mainly used in cosmetic products to neutralize free radicals to protect body from oxidative damage.

· Inhibit elastase activity by slowing down proteolysis (breakdown of protein) and maintain skin elasticity. It is mainly used in anti-aging products.


Betula alba (bich) juice

· Treat allergy by inhibiting histamine production

· Anti-aging effect by inhibiting elastase and metalloproteinase

· Together with other natural ingredients, it can regulate skin homeostasis, soften skin texture, prevent dry cracked skin and lighten skin tone.


Artemisia vulgaris extract

· Contains serum of natural tannin and essential oil for cleansing skin, skin protection from environmental stressor and regulation of skin homeostasis.


Extract from the root bark of Lycium berry (Lycium chinense) 

· High antioxidant activity with high oxygen radical absorbance capacity of 25,000, which blueberry has only 2,500.

· Rich in Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Zinc, Selenium, vitamin B and C.

· According to a research in China at the year of 1991, phytochemicals in lyceum chinense can help prevent and repair oxidative DNA damage, which makes it one of the best anti-aging skincare ingredients.


Scutellaria Baicalensis root extract

· Can inhibit elastase and neutralize free radical to boost skin metabolism, elasticity and prevent aging.

· Stimulate ceramide production for lipid barrier repairment and protection. Hence, it can hydrate and smooth the skin.

· Its anti-inflammation capacity can reduce skin inflammation and improve skin immunity.

· Neutralizes histamine to prevent allergy.


Chrysanthemum extract

· Contains essential oil, flavonoids, amino acids, ortho acid and micronutrients.

· Its antibiotic, anti-oxidative and anti-inflammative effects make it an ideal ingredient in cosmetic products. It can prevent allergic reaction, keep skin hydrated, stop and prevent pimple and acne, and reduce premature skin aging.


Dioscorea Japonica root extract

· Tighten skin by improving skin elasticity.

· Keep skin hydrated.


Adenophora extract

· Boost the biological activity of dermal fibroblast.

· Used in cosmetic products with anti-aging effect

· Effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, especially the bacteria causing dandruff. It can be used in shampoo to treat and control dandruff.


Glycine soja (soybean) sprout extract

· Increase dermal fibroblast proliferation to achieve anti-aging effect.

· Increase skin moisture and keep it hydrated.



Press the sponge into the cushion to soak in small amount of foundation and apply it with a dapping motion gently on your face.


Suitable for

Oily, dry and combination skin.



100% plant-based ceramide, loquat leaf extract, Japanese chestnut shell extract, hyaluronic acid, peony flower extract, river grain seed extract, desert rose leaf extract, peach cactus stem extract