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Cover 3 V6 Jen & Jen

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Cover 3 V6 Jen & Jen

Cover 3 V6 Jen & Jen

Product description

Cover 3 V6 contains five colours of vegetables including black, red, green, white and yellow, 300 millions of probiotics and enzyme, developed by the most advanced biotechnology in Japan. It can stimulate the growth of probiotics in the intestine, strengthen immunity and keep the digestive system healthy. The growth of probiotics can inhibit the harmful bacteria and prevent gastrointestinal problem.

Brand: Jen & Jen

Origin: Made in Malaysia

Size: 225g (15g x15packs)


Cover 3 V6 contains enzymes that can help digest carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, dairy products and fibers. It is recommended to consume 25-30g of dietary fibers every day. One pack of Cover 3 V6 contains five colors of vegetables with 3.75g of fibers to help improve the digestion. 

No additive, animal component, color additive, preservative, artificial sweetener and chemical, including weight-loss drug, laxative or appetite suppressant.


・Stimulate the growth of probiotics

・Maintain a healthy weight

・Prevent heart disease and diabetes mellitus

・Balance hormones

・Nurture vital organs

・Prevent constipation


For oral use only. It is recommended to take 1 pack mixing with 150ml warm water every night before sleep.


Five-color fibers: Super Chilean wine fruit (black), dragon fruit (red), soursop (white),

peach (yellow) and kiwi fruit (green)

300 million probiotics, enzymes, hawthorn fruit, aloe vera, plantago, Citric acid, fructose

Enzymes: amylase, protease, lipase, lactase and fibres