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MIYABIST Anit- Sugar Drink

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MIYABIST Anit- Sugar Drink

MIYABIST Anit-Sugar Drink

Product description

MIYABIST Anit-Sugar Drink uses ag-C as the main ingredient exclusively by Goitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Together with the tea tree flower extract and corn silk extract invented by the medical team from the department of pharmacy in Kindai University, the product can inhibit glycation to fade dark spots, lighten skin and protect skin from aging.

Brand: Goitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Origin: Made in Japan

Size: 10 packs/box (10g x10packs)


Inhibiting glycation can…

・Fade dark spots, lighten skin and protect skin from aging by 

        repairing damaged blood vessels by glycation

・Whiten skin, reduce premature skin aging and maintain a better  skin

The role of each natural ingredient

・Tea tree flower extract: Reduce sugar consumption

・Corn silk extract: Stop glycation and remove excess sugar

・Mulberry leaf: Whiten skin

・Bitter gourd: Improve health and prevent constipation

・Barley seedlings: Boost collagen production

・Carambola: Repair injured skin tissue due to inflammation


【Antiglycation and antioxidation properties of tea tree flower】

“Glycation” refers the combination between excess sugar and protein, which causes the deterioration of protein. A harmful compound AGEs, which is the end-product of glycation, is produced as a result to speed up aging. Glycation leads to a yellowish change in skin tone and a decrease in water content of the stratum corneum, resulting in skin dryness. Glycation of dermal collagen and elastic fibres contribute to stiffness and loss of elasticity, forming wrinkles.

MIYABIST Anit-Sugar Drink is made in ointment formulation for convenience. Small molecules are more easily absorbed through the skin due to its high water content.


For oral use only. It is recommended to take 1 pack before meal and 1-2 packs in total every day.


Tea tree flower extract, corn silk extract, mulberry leaf extract, bitter gourd extract, barley seedling extract, star fruit extract.