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Ulike IPL Colling Hair Removal Device

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Ulike IPL Colling Hair Removal Device

Ulike Sapphire

Product description

As the no.1 home laser hair removal device in China, Ulike Sapphire has solved hair problems for over 1,000,000 women in Asia and has occupied 60% market shares in China’s hair removal industry.


Brand: Ulike

Origin: Made in Korea

Purpose: Home use hair removal

Technology: IPL laser

Cooling temperature: 10°C

Glass material: sapphire glass

Window size: 3.3 cm2

Wavelength: 510-1200nm

Energy: up to 5 J/cm2

Life cycle: With over 1 million shots

Mode: 5 intensity levels

Rated power: 170W

Why we choose Ulike Sapphire over other devices

・Can be used on underarm, arm, leg, face, lip and bikini area.

・Instant laser shot with 0.8s/shot. No preparation and no delay time are needed.

・Sapphire optical glass allows high penetration power with 93% transparency and

        protect skin at the same time.

・By using freezing glass technology, it can provide both cooling effect and painless

        care to protect sensitive skin.

・No need to replace cartridge. Unlimited usage without additional cost and provide

        over 1 million shots.


・75% hair loss grow down markedly in 3-4 weeks. Hair become thinner and lesser in 4-6 weeks.

        Say goodbye to repeated hair removal in 6-8 weeks.


・1. Shave with razor and foam or taking a shower to shave off the hair

2. Connect the power cord to the adapter and the product. Insert the plug into a power outlet.

3. Short press the power button for precooling. The gear and ice mode will be displayed.

4. Wear the goggles and start from the lowest intensity level. Then short press for higher level. The                   higher the intensity level, the faster the effect.

5. Compress the cartridge case head to your skin for cooling or apply aloe to care after use.

・3-4 weeks: 3 times a week

・4-6 weeks: twice a week

・Once a month from week 6 onwards

Global certification

・Approvals for medical device by government institutions such as PSE, EU and China RoHS,

        SGS (EU), KFDA, CFDA, CE (EU) and WEEE (EU)

・Korea and other global C&D partner for high quality standard R&D, manufacturing, design etc.