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AVENIR Vivant Basic Supplement (Red)

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AVENIR Vivant Basic Supplement (Red)

AVENIR Vivant Basic Supplement (Red)

Product description

“Autumn years” refers the period of middle age. When women reach “Autumn years”, they will become weaker. Hideki Wada, a Japanese psychiatrist and psychologist has invented an anti-aging supplement with Japanese Cistanche which can protect our prefrontal cortex and prevent dementia.

Brand: Goitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Origin: Made in Japan

Size: 46.5g (1 pack of 1.55g x30packs)


・Boost brain power and prevent dementia

・Stabilize emotion

・Combat fatigue and gain energy

・Prevent aging and maintain youthfulness

・Prevent osteoporosis

Benefits of Cistanche

・Improve learning, memory and cognitive function for dementia by the action in

    upregulating nerve growth factor (NGF)

・Improve chances of pregnancy

・Minimize constipation

・Lower blood pressure and cholesterol level to improve circulation

・Prevent aging by antagonizing the free radical injury and enhance the immunity 

・Prevent joint problem

・Improve circulation and transform stasis


Life is like the seasons. Turning 30, it is like heading into autumn. “Autumn years”, which refers to the period of middle age, now becomes a popular term among the Japanese population. Women start to develop symptoms such as depression, anxiety, emotional instability, inconfidence, forgetfulness, inability to concentrate. In the physical and physiological aspect, women may experience hot flushes, dizziness, headache, tiredness, insomnia, irregular menstruation, osteoporosis and skin aging in the “Autumn years”. 

Hideki Wada, a Japanese psychiatrist and psychologist, has invented an anti-aging supplement with Japanese Cistanche, certified by JQA, SQF and GMP. It can protect our prefrontal cortex and prevent dementia, to help women radiate their feminine energy from the inside out.

To anchor to our core values, we use only natural supplements. According to the STC report in June, no female hormones β-Estradiol and heavy metals including Antimony, Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Lead and Mercury is detected in the product.


For oral use only. It is recommended to take 1 pack every morning with water.


Cistanche (Desert ginseng) extract powder, Siberian ginseng extract powder, salsify extract powder, royal jelly, avocado serum, bilberry serum, lilium serum and saffron serum.

Nutrition information per serving

Energy 6.70kcal, protein 0.23g, lipid 0.27g, carbohydrate 0.97g, salt 0.006g