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ELLECIME Placenta Essence

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ELLECIME Placenta Essence

Ellecime Placenta Essence

Product description

Ellecime placenta essence uses the world’s first and only method to extract components

from 100% living natural bioactive placenta without heating. 

Brand: Goitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Origin: Made in Japan

Internal capacity: 30ml



· As an anti-oxidative agent to prevent surface skin damage from free radicals

  to reduce premature skin aging.

· Deeply hydrate your skin and minimize pores as long-term benefits.

· Stimulate skin collagen production to improve skin elasticity and firm sagging skin

· Increase the blood circulation on face to reduce wrinkles, lift face, tighten skin and

   slow skin aging process.



Ellecime placenta essence uses the world’s first and only PD separation method (FILTOM)

for the extraction of bioactive placenta protein serum. It is the only method to extract

components from 100% living natural bioactive placenta without heating.

It can slow skin aging process and stimulate dermal fibroblast to boost skin collagen production.



It is certified by ISO9001 in Japan, SQF for food safety and GMP for manufacturing practices.

It is also tested by STC. The report is followed by the product shots,

excluding the materials below:

· Heavy metal test: Cadmium, Arsenic, Lead and Mercury

· Estrogen test: Estriol, estradiol, estrone and diethylstilbestrol

· Preservative test: Methyl paraben, ethyl paraben and propyl paraben



1. Apply Lotion (Toner) over face and neck.

2. Gently apply a small amount of Ellecime Placenta Essence, then face cream

    with either fingertips or palms after the toner is fully absorbed.



· If there is sensitive skin reaction such as trauma, redness, swollenness, eczema, rash, itchiness, inflammation, pigmentation anomaly, and white or black spots, you should stop using the product and consult a dermatologist.

· If you continue using the product when there is any diagnosable skin issue, the symptoms may be worsened.


Precautions in storage

· Should not be stored at high or low temperature or in direct sunlight.

· Should be kept well covered every time after usage.

· Should be kept out of reach of children.



Glycerin, placenta extract, water, BG, pentanediol, polyacrylate crosslinker 6,

squalane water-soluble proteoglycan, non-spine nematode extract, hydrolyzed collagen,

sodium hyaluronate, lotus extract Ingredients, tocopherol, hydrogenated lecithin,

milk extract (milk), lactose, sphingomyelin, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate,

cholesterol PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil, maltodextrin, phenoxyethanol