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Goitsu Magic Box oil block Pills

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Goitsu Magic Box oil block Pills

Goitsu Magic Box Oil Block Pills

Product description
Goitsu Magic Box Oil Block Pills use extracts of Kudingcha, tea tree flower and Cistanche to inhibit fat absorption, remove excess fat and speed up metabolism without diet or exercise.

Brand: Goitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Origin: Made in Japan
Size: 10.5g (350mg x30tablets)

The majority of fat digestion and nutrient absorption happen in small intestine. Liver produces bile and pancreas produces lipase to break down fat in diet. More fat is absorbed and hence more likely to get obesity after a fatty meal.

To anchor to our core values, we use only natural supplements. According to the STC report in June, no heavy metals including Antimony, Lead and Mercury, laxative Phenolphthalein and weight-loss medication Orlistat is detected in the product.

If you can’t control your appetite and have no time to exercise but still want to lose weight, Goitsu Magic Box Oil Block Pills is for you. It can help you reduce fat absorption and burn fat without diet or exercise.
・To reduce fat absorption by inhibiting lipid synthesis.
・To remove excess fat by breaking down fat molecules and speeding up metabolism.
・Anti-glycation and anti-oxidation effect to prevent or reverse skin damage.

The role of each natural ingredient
・Kudingcha extract: Increase the excretion rate of toxic metabolic waste product, reduce body heat and burn fat by inhibiting fat absorption.
・Tea tree flower extract: Contain natural components for anti-glycation, fat burning and anti-oxidation effect to prevent skin damage.
・Cistanche extract: Speed up metabolism, regulate the absorption of fat and sugar and inhibit the conversion of calories into fat deposits.

For oral use only. It is recommended to take 1 tablet with water before meal.

Kudingcha extract, tea tree flower extract, Cistanche extract.

Nutrition information per 2 servings
Calories 2.80kcal, Protein 0.03g, Fat 0.06g, Carbohydrate 0.54g, Salt 0.003g